In Depth with Alex Honnold-

In Depth with Alex Honnold

Climber Alex Honnold Living at Poverty Level? Alex Honnold is the man as far as we are concerned (along with Sharma).  He keeps it real and does what he loves.  Here is his take on fame, doing what he loves, spending hab...

Sharma Introducing Pol Roca-

Sharma Introducing Pol Roca

Chris Sharma Introducing Pol Roca “Double Bubble” 8b+.  Sharma has the true spirit.  He knows that when invest in people, it really is what it is all about. You’ll get something in return, one or the ot...

Such a Nice Session-

Such a Nice Session

Sharma Climbing videos – CHRIS SHARMA, ALEX MEGOS, SASHA DIGIULIAN & RUSTAM GELMANOV TRAINING AT SHARMA CLIMBING BCN. Super cool training day at Sharma Climbing BCN with Sasha Digiulian, Alex Megos, Patxi Usobiag...

Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra-

Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra

There are only a handful of heavy hitters in the climbing world and you two right here. Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra spent two years working together to climb La Dura Dura (5.15c / 9b+), the world’s hardest climb. Thi...

Epinephrine – Pitch 6, 3rd chimney-

Epinephrine – Pitch 6, 3rd chimney

FirstPersonBeta extreme sports videos – “What a mess! French’d the first 20 feet, spent 5 minutes fumbling with a poor gear placement, belt came undone mid pitch. Smiles all the way.
In hindsight, I...

Petzl climbing videos Wara Kalap-

Petzl climbing videos Wara Kalap

Petzl climbing videos – A team of caving explorers went into the heart of the rainforest, in Papua New Guinea, to search for giant caves and underground rivers. They want to understand where water comes out, from the...



CHRIS SHARMA AND JASON MOMOA SAVASSONA ROAD TRIP. CHRIS SHARMA climbing videos – “Super fun day bouldering in Savassona with his good friend Jason Momoa and his beautiful family.” – CHRIS SHARMA